Any serious business wanting to make it in the world then an SEO audit is a must and has to be frequent. You need your content to be relevant and targeting the people who visit your site. 

An SEO audit is solely for marketing use, which makes it different to a normal audit. An SEO audit will give you an insight to your website, including the individual pages and the traffic your website is gaining. Keeping you auditing up to date will help improve the performance of your website and rankings on social media.

What are the latest trends for SEO?

#1 BERT – Google’s new algorithm

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This year Google launched its new algorithm BERT, anyone who wants a successful search engine optimisation needs to learn how to optimise for BERT, however, Google updates its optimised search results based on user intent rather than keyword matching.

Where the new BERT algorithm focuses on the user intent, then a business needs to focus on user’s needs, wants and desires and look into the buyer’s journey. 

However, this being said, it will still look into keywords and long tail keywords, it will not be its main focus. With the new BERT update, it will be able to understand more uncommon long-tail keywords that Google may have struggled with in the past, which means that there can be better results and website ranking.

#2 Voice Search

People are moving further away from typing key words into search engines and moving more towards voice search (voice recognition). Although it is important for a website to have the common key words, spoken searches tend to differ from the typed. It is led to believe that by the end of 2020 voice searches will reach to 50% of the searches made and there are currently 40% of adults who use voice recognition already. 

However, with all being said that voice recognition is great, some industries will struggle, as between 5 and 10% of words when using voice searches will not be recognised. For example, people will need to speak distinctly for the search to work well, if you run a word together or speak too quickly, it will take longer for completing the required search. Also, some punctuation must be spoken, it will not get added in where required. Although voice recognition is expanding rapidly, many operating systems have voice recognition built in, i.e. windows and apple.  

#3 AR and VR becoming the new trend, will SEO need to adapt?

Where Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are becoming more apparent, Google has implemented the BERT algorithm to adapt to this change. The new modern technologies that are being updated constantly, mean that Google are required to ensure that they are keeping up with the changes. Many AR and VR and engaging more users with captivating content. 

VR and AR were originally created for gaming and commercial aspects. Are there any positive benefits to having this daily? George Washington University did not agree with the VR/AR technology in the first instance, however, as time has gone on they have seen how it can bring different institutions together, such as, health care, education and social causes.

Ylva Hansdotter stated that “the potential for VR to help us understand and transform ourselves and the world around us is limitless. It is crucial that the VR industry comes together to fully leverage this potential for good”. Ylva Handotta’s statement was supported by Paula Cueno, who believes that if one person at a time uses and believes in VR and AR then it is moving forward. 

Although there are many benefits to VR and AR, there are also the disadvantages. Eye strain while using VR and AR headsets, as users tend to blink less resulting in the drying of eyes on the front surface. Another disadvantage is distortion, strong distortion can occur from using the VR lenses. Even though the software has been upgraded over time, it can still hurt the human eyes and can be very hard to correct. 

There are non-health disadvantages of VR and AR, such as, breach of security, AR game Pokemon Go, where it was reported that people were trespassing to catch Pokemon

There is also no control over personal details, you will be able to get Facebook profiledetails just by pointing a camera at someone.

Overall, SEO is always changing and improving. Whether it is for better or worse. There are many new technologies which means SEO has to be adapted. AR and VR are one of the most advancing technologies, where Google has now adapted to it by introducing BERT to ensure that SEO can be effective on the majority of websites.